ridging finance is one of the most popular forms of property finance in the market. If you need to move quickly to purchase a property, your bank or building society will require a full application and may take weeks to approve your request. Creative Commercial Funding are specialists in sourcing bridging finance, whether for commercial or residential properties. Creative Commercial Funding through its alliances can expedite applications without delay.

We are also happy to assist in sourcing a repayment strategy before any bridging finance is released from a lender, giving you and the lender comfort that the bridging loan will be repaid within agreed timescales.

There are many situations where bridging finance is required

  • An investor purchasing a property at a discount to the market value.
  • A developer purchasing a residential property, refurbishing and then either selling or refinancing on the enhanced value.
  • Purchasing at an auction where a high street lender cannot complete the purchase within the time period, or where work may be needed on the property to enable it to be in a mortgageable condition.
  • Raising funds on a property to pay a tax bill or inject capital into a business.
  • Probate or divorce settlements.

At Creative Commercial Funding, we are always aware that the speed with which the funds are available is of paramount importance.

Bridging finance loan to values (LTV) differs within each lender, depending mainly on whether the property is residential or commercial. Please send us your enquiry and we will call you back to discuss the available options to you.